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Pixar are gods, as a pure story-telling and visionary animation studio. I hate to use this sentence, but the first time I saw toy story in the regal cinema in evesham I was in love. My favourite of all is Wall-E. With my previous rant I mentioned Wall-E and how with advancements in technology will turn us as the human race into the characters on the Axiom. I’ve just seen some pictures on the guardian website air travel will be more of a holiday than for travel. This is where Wall-E is such a great film. Though the director Andrew Stanton claims in the directors commentary, yes I do listen to them, that the film wasn’t about what we are doing to the planet. However I feel that there was an underlying theme throughout that it was a film of how we are killing the planet and we are going to become lazy because of technological advancements. Just an observation, slight tone of a rant but not.

Website from guardian:


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Reality, Technology and Rants

This post contains an expletive rant, it is only opinion, and I don’t do alot of proof reading, so chill.

Having just read an outstanding article from Charlie Brooker on the guardian website, I thought I might have a little word with the world.

“The world seems quite monotonous at the moment. Tripping over disgruntled pieces of technology, the slow agonizing death of the earth and reality being the most popular thing on television.” This is the text for my plaque for our up and coming graduate show, as noted I’ve become quite tired of a few things.

I cannot believe that things on television are for our entertainment, surely its better described as knives in the eyes. I could at this point admire Simon Cowell for being a maniacal genius but instead I’d just like to rip it out of the programs. Britain’s supposedly got talent is something that has run its course, after the first couple of series we were introduced to some amazing talent I will admit. But now you could literally repeat old slightly less talented acts from previous series, get them to perform again and call it a brand spanking new series. One act who got into the semi final was a man who could pop his eye balls, right so thats it yes you can pop out your eyes… no wait theres more, he can pop them out to the beat of a song… thats in the semi final. Another dreg at the bottom of the barrel which has been scooped up and put of the box of wonder is reality. I do not want to even mention the name at all so I shall give a description, tanned essex fuck heads. I don’t want to even get started on this as I will end up swearing incoherently at my laptop of throw it across the room. Just to say anything about it, this is what I’m paying for seriously can ITV not come up with anything better than this. I maybe barking up the wrong tree as this tree has become quite big filled with stupid acorn people.

I might be able to sleep a bit better at night now, so to sleep well I’ll have a little go at technology. I’m a hypocrite at this point as I’m writing this blog on a Mac, I have a ipod and a touch screen phone. But at this point I think it maybe turning for the worse and technology will become like it is in Wall-E, on the spaceship. With the release of the Nintendo 3DS, 3d is now accessible without stupid glasses this is just the start. Soon we’ll have iphones coming out every year with new and improved 3d, time controlling devices that comes out of a new orifice. Soon we won’t be able to communicate face to face with one another without a computer screen in the middle of us. Otherwise we’ll end up crushing our self-esteem because we’ve become so fat because Tescos intravenously pump food into our habitat, that being our beds. The alternative would be that technology becomes so advance nano-tech is born. We won’t need phones because we’ll just have a USB port surgically implanted into the back of our spine, an electronic eye so we can all the adverts and spam that comes from the 20 gigabit internet connection that we receive through our bellybutton.

That felt good now off to find the revolution, VIVA. I leave you with three links, one to Charlie Brookers article and the others to Bill Baileys hilarious views on twitter and youtube.

Charlie Brooker Article : http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/jun/06/spotify-problem-getting-people-to-pay

Bill Bailey Video 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr2hH9QLBUs

Bill Bailey Video 2 :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYBATgsmTUg

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Up on a Mountain

Update update keep updating, so I did this drawing about a year ago and can’t remember if I’ve already posted it on here.

So here it is and I’ve needed to keep painting so I decided to it of this one about a year after I drew it, wait I already said that ahwell you get the picture. It was a year ago.

The photo isn’t that good, cause I did it at night under yellow light, so ill redo it tomorrow once I’ve pottered into uni for a bit for a portfolio meeting, uh.

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There was an old woman who swallowed a Russian

The title of this post didn’t seem as rude in my head as it does in writing. I stumbled upon some work by Russian illustrator Irina Troitskaya, link at the bottom, who did some amazing work with Russian dolls. She based them on children’s story’s that she’d heard when she was a child. I took that concept and used it with a story that my Gran used to tell me when I was a kid, The old woman who swallowed a Fly.



This is what I came up with, the varnish seeped into some of the white parts on the animals which showed I didn’t have enough layers on. But still works well.

Irina’s website – http://irtroit.com/

The story of the old woman – http://www.poppyfields.net/poppy/songs/oldwoman.html

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O yeh hoodie forget…

Recently designed a hoodie/t-shirt for third year textiles to represent Cardiff School of Art and Design, known the 2 of them who asked me since first year both amazing people. Its a monkey, and I love a good cameo. They had an influx of entries and mine, along with another two, got chosen to be produced. Gave me a proper boost to finish my Macmillan entry. Easter was a productive break, especially drinking and playing golf in that order and then more drinking and then blt.



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8 days a week

So this is a set of pieces what I did over easter where I took a piece of news from each day and came up with a painting. The Daily Mail is really boring, why do my parents buy it.


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Macmillan Prize Entry

Been busy, excuses out of the way, I’ve recently entered the Macmillan Children’s Book Prize. Though I can’t show any of that work yet I can put up some of the prep work that went into it.

Hope I do well.

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