#5 A baboon licking a tiger

A baboon licking a tigerLick lick lick, chomp chomp chomp.

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5 Responses to #5 A baboon licking a tiger

  1. heeheehee. This is funny. may i ask what do you use to draw this?

    • controlstate says:

      Of course, I use photoshop but I always start by drawing all my work on paper then scanning it in. For these daily pieces it’s sort of like a collage but done digitally using brushes I downloaded and made with a combination of overlaying textures. Hope that answers your question. 🙂

      • thanks for responding, How do you manage to them daily? it takes me ages just to do one drawing. 🙂

      • controlstate says:

        Knowing what to draw speeds things up quite a lot, I’m using this website for the ideas each day – http://www.1000thingstodraw.com saves me actually coming up with the concept. It’s a really useful tool. Also just practice, the technique I’m using is pretty speedy but doing it more and more just makes you faster. Also it’s fun too! Which is the most important thing.

      • cool! that’s it knowing what to draw is quite important. I might try the 1000things thing. Thanks, thats very useful. I look forward for more of your creativr work. 😀

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