Homework and Chickens

Foxes dont like homework at allBut they do like chicken picnicsSo I’m still experimenting with brushes and other things but I was getting a bit tired of the birds so I went onto foxes. I just needed a break from the birds as I’ve been working with them for a lot longer than I’ve made out for on here. What I’ve just been doing recently is making work that I like doing, and doing them in a way that they can become portfolio pieces. I still haven’t got that sorted enough to produce a full website and I’m not going to rush by putting half assed work onto it which is just there for filler. Just went into a little ramble then. In other places I’m slowly putting work onto pinterest, that link should take you to somewhere, I’m a bit new to it so I’m just easing in like a hot bath. Foxes like chickens not homework and remember it.

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