I got a new toy!

First post of 2013 and its nearly march, dammit. OK so my shift pattern for real work has made me even more nocturnal plus haven’t hit the new year running, as an old tutor would say. So I needed a change to get me going again, a way to work faster with my time becoming more limited. I’ve had my bamboo tablet for about a year and a half, its had a good run but I wanted something a bit bigger to work with.Bye bye bamboo I was looking at getting a intuos 5, something a bit bigger and more durable, but then I started looking into cintiqs and yiynovas. Lots of weighting up options and getting money together, I finally decided on getting a cintiq 22hd.


So I got it 2 days ago and never looked back. GET ONE. Oh yeah here’s the first little thing I did on it. More to come.

Faces no hair

They got no hair.

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