Creatures and Colongue

Its Movember, though I can’t grow a full slug, and CreatureMag have put together a brief involving moustaches. This one be mine, decided to use some techniques I found at this very helpful website DaniDraws where I learnt photoshop things.

Also I’ve been doing some oil painting, which has been very enjoyable though taxing.

I found all my Dads old oil paints, when I mean old I mean 50 years old, they were in a bit of a state but with a knife I managed to get them going. I don’t know how I really got started on this particular piece apart from that I saw some JOOP! GO on my desk and thought I would be funny to see it go. And it did.


This second piece I did, just came out of my brain, a boy just blows some bubblegum too much.


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One Response to Creatures and Colongue

  1. Your work has really developed beautifully since 2009. Do you sell any of these pieces on wood?

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