Characters, Creativity and Money

Been a while. Right o here’s some character designs I’ve been working on firstly before anything else, done with pen.

So had a creative recently, same old drill where nothing seems to be going right, doubting my work, getting into a cycle of same old annoyances which get to everyone. Though I can’t complain really, I have a roof over my head, electricity, and I’m alive. So I did this.

To help me get on with working I’ve been doing something I haven’t done for a while, look on other blogs, my work seemed to be so uninspiring to myself that I had to do something new. I came across this website, How to Steal Like An Artist, and it just made me laugh cause everything was so true on it. So I’m sure this idea has been used before but I’m going to have a little play with it and write the book I want to read from it. Also I must work on my typography.

In the last to pieces the characters have been the same cause its me, cause I’m being self-referential. I’m going to go steal a car like an artist would.

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2 Responses to Characters, Creativity and Money

  1. I love the typography (if we can call hand written words, that, I probably should say calligraphy.) in No2. The computer typography in No.3 is a poor second, I feel. I’d love to see the Money Tree illustration with hand written words! I’d love to buy some of your work if it is not too ex-y!

    • controlstate says:

      You can call it whatever you like haha. I know what you mean with the money tree illustration though, typography isn’t one of my strong suits especially when choosing a font. I should stick to what I know and draw the type, looks more interesting. I don’t know what the last word means in your comment, but I would love for you to buy some of my work. I’m in the middle of doing so much that putting together a shop has drifted to the back of my mind, along with website designing and finding a job hah. I shall definitely keep you posted though. Thanks for taking a interest in my work also 🙂

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