2nd post of the day, whats wrong with me, so I will eventually get this animation up, I’ve done the first 10 seconds and had it all done and shot and inputted yesterday. Until everything exploded including my hopes and dreams, which aren’t a lot. Nah I’m putting the images into flash and looping it that way, which is proving to be a pain cause of the size of the images which caused it to crash. So I’m going to reshoot today with smaller image sizes and get that up hopefully tomorrow with some concept stuff. In the mean time I went to my Sisters a week or so ago and my Nephew started a bit of photography, so that got me going again.

So I have this wire model I made in uni standing on my lamp and I wanted to get away from shooting animation so I had a play with my camera and some effects,

I want to illustrated something into some of the photos like a space scene but I don’t want to procrastinate too much. I’ll keep these on the back burner for when I have a story to go with it.

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