Office Space – Copy Room

Right so my computer crashed when I had nearly finished writing this originally, but it was going round in circles so I’m sort of glad for that. I’ve been looking at concept art from animation, Pixar and ATLA, to help with my own working method and I noticed that in early work they work in a grey scale way for shading. I’ve noticed this before obviously in comic books et al but I never really paid attention to it, another circle begins. So I gave it a whirl having worked in colour and pure black and white for so long. So I just started drawing this scene of a office copy room and originally they all had faces. But I didn’t really like the look of them and nothing was being said so I changed the head into brains, I’m not sure whats being said now but looks better. I’m at the point now where you can just disregard everything I’ve said because its shit. Safe to say I’d hate to work in a office.

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2 Responses to Office Space – Copy Room

  1. bad man says:

    Why do you think I work from home 😉

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