Graduate Animals

So thats it 3 years done, degree complete, I can’t really get the oyster open yet though but I will enventually (play on words, I hate you). So onwards and back home for the time being, been asked to produce a card for a workmate of my mums whose leaving his job. He works in vet labs where dead animals come in to be examined and what not, so I made this with lots of alive animals on it!

Having just noticed transferring from mac to pc with the image you can see the pelican body very well or the antlers on the mountain goat. I promise they are both there though you might not be able to see them.

In other news I’m working on a new book idea/animation pitch about a peacock, should have a image up in a couple of days. Also I’m trying to put together book pitch for some of my inventions from my blog, Mousehandinc , trying to put more up on the bloog as we speak.

Live long and stuff.

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