Just an observation

Pixar are gods, as a pure story-telling and visionary animation studio. I hate to use this sentence, but the first time I saw toy story in the regal cinema in evesham I was in love. My favourite of all is Wall-E. With my previous rant I mentioned Wall-E and how with advancements in technology will turn us as the human race into the characters on the Axiom. I’ve just seen some pictures on the guardian website air travel will be more of a holiday than for travel. This is where Wall-E is such a great film. Though the director Andrew Stanton claims in the directors commentary, yes I do listen to them, that the film wasn’t about what we are doing to the planet. However I feel that there was an underlying theme throughout that it was a film of how we are killing the planet and we are going to become lazy because of technological advancements. Just an observation, slight tone of a rant but not.

Website from guardian:


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